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MRTECHFIXES is an Information Solutions company. We provide effective Information Solutions and Technology Services for home and office consumers, as well as, small to medium enterprises. We deal with computing, computing hardware, software, telecommunications, and technology business management. As you may expect, Information Technology, as a market, involves many aspects. It can also involve aspects related to the Internet, giving a wider view of how consumer technology experiences converge. We’ve been in business since 2010 and are dedicated to success and evolving the customer experience.

our customers

MRTECHFIXES provides Services for the average home technology user to the technical-savvy and office consumers, as well as, small to medium enterprises. Have an issue with your business office phones? Did you run into problems with Microsoft Applications that are crucial to your business operations, but dont know who to call? It may be that you have a technical question or have a technical issuse and you would like to be led in the right direction towards a favorable solution. No matter what your issue or concern, we urge you to call MRTECHFIXES for dependable Technology Solutions and Services! Click Here to send us a message!

our locale

MRTECHFIXES provides on-site Services for the Greater Metro Detroit area, but provides our online, cloud, and consulting services for customers all over the globe! We typically operate in a 60-mi radius from Downtown Detroit, but, depending on the job, we may be able to make exceptions for special cases! Don’t hesitate to contact the EXPERT NETWORK TECHNICANS at MRTECHFIXES today!

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